Open source voice AI

Build, deploy, and scale hyperrealistic voice agents.

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1. Enter your phone number (confirmation required)
2. Choose your bot's voice
3. Enter instructions for the bot

More powerful than humans

Fully programmable for maximum control and flexibility – build direct integrations into your workflows. No humans needed.

Available 24/7

Scale up and scale down on demand. No need to hire, train, and manage a team of agents.

Ultra-realistic voices

Choose from a variety of voices to create the perfect experience for your customers.

Multilingual capability

Configure your bots to speak in multiple languages. Support your customers in their native language.

Use custom language models

Leverage your own language models to create a bot that has your unique context.

Connect external actions

Build integrations into your systems for automating actions like scheduling, payments, and more.

Navigate phone menus

Our bots are capable of navigating phone menus to get to the right person.

Have bots wait on hold for you

Our bots can also wait on hold for you and transfer you when a human is on the line.

Connect to knowledge bases

Feed your bots knowledge from your sources to give them more context and make them smarter.

Analytics and monitoring

Monitor your bot’s performance and get insights into how your customers are interacting with it.

First-class developer experience

Spin off your first call in just a single line of code. Subscribe to events to events for full automation. Open source and loved by developers.


The stack that works for you

Use the top speech recognition, language, and speech synthesis models or bring your own. Use the stack that works for you.

Start building today.

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